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High-quality, long-lasting, versatile mulch wood chip. This product is 100% natural. Produced and stored at our own yard, ideal for creating an attractive, decorative finish and suppress weeds naturally without chemicals. Available to buy loose or bagged, trailers filled.


Bagged mulch is stored and ready for collection at our yard.  

These materials are available from our Newtownabbey wood supplies yard in bags or bulk at very competitive prices. We supply both public and private customers and the tree bark mulch is always available from our depot.

We can also deliver tree bark for the garden in bulk loose loads. Mulch is delivered by the cubic metre. To give you a guide, one cubic metre will cover 10 square metres at the recommended depth of 10cm.

A next day delivery service can usually be provided.

What use’s does Mulch have?

  • Helps to keep down annual weeds.

  • Retains soil moisture throughout the summer.

  • Replaces essential organic matter, used as nutrients continually by plants.

  • Can be used for woodland paths and riding areas.

  • Looks better than bare soil.

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